Benton Clean Air Agency

Registration Program

Why Register businesses?

Registration ensures that air emissions comply with applicable regulations and to maintain an accurate inventory of the air contaminants released into the air. Benton Clean Air uses this information to evaluate the effectiveness of local air pollution control strategies to attain and maintain national air standards. Registration includes reporting annual emissions and receiving periodic inspections from an Agency inspector.

Registration also allows BCAA to provide compliance assistance as regulations change, and as the needs of a business change.

Is there a fee for registering?

Yes, there is an annual fee for maintaining the registration of a business. Annual registration fees are charged to each registered source. The fee structure is designed so that smaller, less complex sources pay lower fees than larger, more complex sources. The collected fees partially fund the registration program. The fee amount varies depending on the emission levels of the business. Current Annual Registration Fee Schedule – Click here.

What businesses need to register?

Existing and new sources of air contaminants must be registered with Benton Clean Air. Each piece of air pollution control equipment used has specific requirements for its operation and maintenance.

  • Existing Facilities need to fill out registration forms, itemizing the processes within the facility and the vents/exhaust points to the outdoor air. Before processes or emission points are added or modified, the facility should contact Benton Clean Air. A Notice of Construction and Application for Approval may be required.
  • New Facilities must contact Benton Clean Air and follow the Notice of Construction and Application for Approval process, which also serves as the registration form for the facility. Additional permits may need to be obtained from other agencies, including city and county planning/zoning departments. Agency staff will gladly assist facilities with the registration and Notice of Construction process.

Does Benton Clean Air inspect businesses?

Yes. Regular inspections of registered sources are conducted to verify compliance with existing air pollution regulations. Many registered facilities are inspected annually, however, the frequency varies depending on agency resources and priorities. In addition, facilities that are not currently registered are inspected in order to determine if they need to be registered.

What should businesses know about installing and modifying equipment?

An approved Notice of Construction must be obtained prior to modifying existing equipment or installing new equipment. Click here for information about Notice of Construction (NOC) and approval process.

For further information on the source registration program, please contact the BCAA.