Benton Clean Air Agency


Commercial Demolition, Renovation and Asbestos

Benton Clean Air Agency has adopted asbestos regulations related to renovation and demolition projects. The following information is a quick overview and is not intended to be a substitute for the current Asbestos Control Standards.

  • Renovation -altering a structure or component in any way other than demolition.
  • Demolition -wrecking or taking out of any load supporting structural member of a facility or intentional burning of a facility (only for fire training purposes).

Notification Requirements

The Benton Clean Air Agency must be notified at least ten working days in advance, on its agency-supplied forms, of any asbestos project (construction, demolition, renovation, clean-up, repair, or maintenance) and whenever a structure will be demolished. The proper fees must accompany the notification.

Survey Requirements

An asbestos survey is required by the Benton Clean Air Agency prior to any commercial renovation or demolition activities on any structure, vacant or not. The Department of Labor & Industries requires that the survey must be performed by an Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act (AHERA) inspector prior to undertaking a renovation or demolition project.

Removal Requirements

If asbestos containing material is identified by the survey, it must be removed and disposed of in accordance with the Benton Clean Air Agency regulations, by persons appropriately trained and certified by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Posting Requirements

A copy of the asbestos survey, notification and all amendments to the notification must be posted on-site.

Additional Requirements

In addition to Benton Clean Air requirements, most building departments require a renovation and demolition permit separate from Benton Clean Air’s Notice of Intent.

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries has asbestos survey, notification and removal standards (WAC 296-62, 296-65, and 296-155). Click here for link to L & I’s asbestos page. You may also contact L & I by phone: (509) 735-0128.

Renovation, demolition, and construction may be subject to lead regulations. The Washington State Department of Ecology’s web page provides State Lead Regulations and Guidance for rules administered by the Department of Ecology, the Department of Health, and the Department of Labor and Industries and WISHA. In Washington, the Department of Commerce will administer the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Remodeling rule. Click here for a link to the Department of Commerce’s lead web page.