Benton Clean Air Agency

About Us

Benton Clean Air Agency (Benton Clean Air) is one of seven local air pollution control agencies in Washington state. Benton Clean Air is a municipal corporation that is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors. Benton Clean Air is responsible for enforcing Federal and State Clean Air Acts, and BCAA Regulation 1 in Benton County.

Benton Clean Air is dedicated to the preservation of public health as it relates to outdoor air quality. In carrying out this role, the BCAA works with industry, individuals, cities, the county, and other local entities, whose activities potentially affect air quality.

Support compliance, and enforcement of air quality regulations

  • Respond to citizen complaints about dust and burning
  • Grant outdoor burn permits including backyard, commercial, and agricultural
  • Maintain registration of commercial and industrial sources of air pollutants
  • Perform commercial and industrial inspections
  • Process notices of asbestos removal and demolition
  • Issue permits for and register new sources of air pollution

Monitor air quality

  • Measure and record particulate matter concentration
  • Estimate emissions from local pollution sources

Provide public education and outreach

  • Provide current air quality information
  • Provide compliance assistance to citizens and industrial sources