Benton Clean Air Agency

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring Nationwide

  • Nationwide Air Quality information is here.

Air Quality Monitoring in Washington State

  • Ecology manages a statewide network of air quality monitors, which cover the state and measure the presence of one or more pollutants.
  • Ecology’s web site contains information about Washington’s Air Monitoring Network, and offers real-time air monitoring data in many areas of the state.
  • Department of Ecology’s Air Quality Advisory Fact Sheet is here.
  • A link to the 2010 Ambient Air Monitoring Assessment, by Ecology, is here.

Air Quality Monitoring in Benton County

  • Air quality monitoring of Benton County is continuously conducted via our air monitoring site located on the roof of Tri-Tech at Metaline and Kellogg in Kennewick, Washington.
  • Data from the air monitoring site are readily available on the Department of Ecology’s website.
    • go to the website, and on the left click on “Air Monitoring/Real-Time Air Monitoring Data”; and then
    • to see the air quality in Benton County, click on the monitor in Kennewick, as is shown in this image