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2013 Requirement to Label Building Materials that Contain Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral fiber. Because of its strength and heat resistance, asbestos has been used in a variety of building construction materials. Today, asbestos-containing building materials are still imported, sold, and used in the United States - despite our knowledge that asbestos is harmful to human health. People using asebestos-containing building materials should avoid creating and breathing dust.

Who is affected by this law?

The law applies to manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors of asbestos-containing building materials.

What does this law require?

Effective January 1, 2014, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors of asbestos-containing building materials must prominently label both the product and packaging for the following building materials:

  • Any building material naturally containing more than one percent asbestos.
  • Any building material that has any amount of asbestos added to it.

Where does the label need to be put?

Label the product:

  • In a prominent location near the product name or description on the exterior wrapping or packaging in which the product is stored, shipped, and sold.
  • On the exterior surface of the asbestos-containing building material itself, unless it is:
    • sold as a liquid or paste or
    • unless it is sand or gravel.

What must the label say?

At a minimum, the label must state:

CAUTION!This product contains ASBESTOS, which is known to cause cancer and lung disease.
Avoid creating dust. Intentionally removing or tampering with this label is a violation of state law.

What exemptions apply?


The labeling requirement does not apply to:

  • Retailers that do not manufacture, wholesale or distribute asbestos-containing building materials
  • Asbestos-containing building materials that:
    • Have already been installed, applied or used by the consumer
    • Are used solely for United States Military purposes
    • Were purchased by a retailer prior to January 1, 2014 (stock-on-hand)

Building materials

The term “building materials” does not include products designed for:

  • Cars
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Boats

Other mobile means of transportation