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Washington State & Benton County Business Regulations

What Washington State and Benton County regulations should I be aware of?

The following sections describe some of the key air quality regulations that are important for all businesses to understand. Many types of businesses may have either permitting or registration requirements. A list of regulated businesses is found here.

These are the regulatory programs that may apply to your business:

The regulations themselves are found in this list:

Federal Requirements

In addition to the above, there are some federal requirements that are more recent, and must be met by businesses to which they are applicable. Here are some links with information, and don’t hesitate to contact BCAA for assistance in understanding how they may or may not apply to your business.

New – Federal Requirements for paint stripping and miscellaneous surface coating operations, including Autobody refinishing operations. Click here for more information.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Rules for Toxic Emission Sources Area Source Rules.
In January of 2008, the U.S. EPA finalized rules that may impact businesses throughout Benton County. These businesses include Autobody Shops, Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers, various kinds of Metal Work, Gasoline Dispensing Stations and many others.

EPA Air Toxics Requirements for Perc Dry Cleaners
In July of 2006, EPA strengthened requirements for dry cleaners that use the solvent perchloroethylene (perc.) Here is a “Plain English Guide” for assistance.

BCAA also provides compliance assistance. to assist you in determining what regulations apply to your business and then developing a plan to meet them.

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