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Air Quality

This data is reported directly from the WA Department of Ecology's website. Due to high traffic, the website availability is intermittent.

Dust (PM10) & Smoke (PM2.5)

Ozone (03)

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NOTICE: Benton Clean Air Agency Board of Directors regular meeting will be held on Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 5:00 pm. The Board meeting will be held via remote conference.


June Board Packet

The public will be able to participate via Zoom meeting by entering Meeting ID: 915 5377 2880 Password: 435323.

Tri-City Ozone Forecast

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Statewide Air Monitoring Network - Ecology’s monitors, the color codes indicate the air quality at each monitor

Washington Air Quality Advisory (WAQA) - Provides guidance based on the air quality advisory level shown to the left

Washington Smoke Information - County, state, and federal agencies provide information for Washington communities affected by smoke from wildland fires (includes links in Spanish)

Ecology’s Webpage on Outdoor or Windblown Dust -provides information on sources, health effects, and how to protect yourself from windblown dust

Understanding Burn Bans - A video that explains the different types of burn bans and why they are important

Emergency Alerts - Sign up to receive emergency weather alerts

Proof of Notification - New marijuana production and processing notification