Benton Clean Air Agency

Agricultural Daily Burn Decision

When is the next burn day?

Agricultural Burn Day

Burn days are not called in advance. BCAA staff checks for forecasted air dispersion conditions, which if they meet the critieria, mean that any smoke generated from burning should be diluted enough not to impact the general population. Wind speeds are also taken into consideration when making the daily decision. If strong winds are forcasted, incidental burning may also not be allowed in addition to permitted burning.

Also, most types of agricultural burns require a permit, others do not. Be sure that you understand whether or not you need a permit. Burning without a permit may lead to enforcement actions. Please do not hesitate to contact the BCAA office for clarification and assistance.

The burn day message is updated at 9 a.m. daily; no burn day will ever start prior to 9 a.m.

BCAA Office Agricultural Burn Line: 509-783-6570 or CLICK HERE