Benton Clean Air Agency


A. An application fee for an agricultural burning permit shall be due and payable at the time of submittal of the application.

B. Upon approval of any agricultural burning permit application, the BCAA shall charge a fee at a maximum fee level as set by statute.

C. Minimum and variable fee levels are as follows:

  • Thirty seven dollars and fifty cents ($37.50) per calendar year per field burn based on burning up to ten acres or equivalent; Each additional acre is $3.75 per acre.
  • Eighty dollars ($80.00) for pile burning per calendar year per agricultural operation based on burning debris from up to 80 tons or equivalent; Each additional ton is $1.00 per ton.

The agricultural burning practices and research task force may set acreage equivalents, for non-field style agricultural burning practices, based on the amount of emissions relative to typical field burning emissions. Any acreage equivalents, established by rule, shall be used in determining fees. For agricultural burning conducted by irrigation or drainage districts, each mile of ditch (including banks) burned is calculated on an equivalent acreage basis.

For a complete breakdown of the fee schedule, click here.