Columbia Valley Vineyard in Benton County

Learning Center

Working with you for Clean Air

The majority of air pollution in Benton comes from individual actions. The daily choices we make like how we heat our homes, how we travel around town, the products we purchase, and other choices can all affect air quality. We all play a role in protecting and preserving this vital resource.

Take time to explore ways you can help care for the air we share. 

Blues skies with wispy clouds over a vineyard on a beautiful fall day.
2024 Salmon Summit with children in the park.

Salmon Summit

For four months, fourth grade students at Cascade Elementary School in Kennewick watched as salmon in their classroom developed from a transparent egg – the kids could see the eyes of the salmon even before it hatched to a salmon fry, ready to migrate downstream.

Now, these students are learning how researchers will track young fish on their journey down the Columbia River using what’s known as a PIT tag, or Passive Integrated Transponder.