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Business Regulations

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Regulated Businesses

The Benton Clean Air Agency is responsible for regulating air emissions from stationary commercial facilities as well as portable sources.  

The following sections describe some of the key air quality regulations that are important for all businesses to understand. Many types of businesses may have either permitting or registration requirements. A list of regulated businesses is found below.

Source Registration

There are over 200 facilities registered with Benton Clean Air per BCAA Regulation 1, which lists sources identified as having potentially significant air emissions and therefore required to be in the agency’s Registration Program.

The registration program is described in the Washington Administrative Code 173-400-99 and Source Classifications are listed in 173-400-100.

Business Examples

The following are examples of businesses that may be subject to the Registration or NSR programs.

This list is not exhaustive. If you have any question if your business should be registered, please contact the BCAA.

  • Asphalt Plants
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Boilers (except residential heating);
  • Cabinet manufacture/wood and wood product manufacture;
  • Cattle feedlots;
  • Chemical manufacturing;
  • Crematoria or animal carcass incinerators;
  • Chemical Plants
  • Coffee Roasting
  • Concrete Plants
  • Degreasing
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Engines; Stationary internal combustion, 500 hp or greater;
  • Food Processing
  • Flares;
  • Fuel burning equipment (except heating, A/C, or ventilating systems);
  • Gasoline Storage and Dispensing (BCAA enforces state rules WAC )
  • Hay cubers and pelletizers;
  • Hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities;
  • Incinerators and waste oil burners;
  • Landfills, active and inactive;
  • Metal plating
  • Materials handling and transfer facilities;
  • Plastics and fiberglass product fabrication facilities;
  • Rendering plants;
  • Solvent or stripping operation;
  • Spray Coating and Surface Coating
  • Wood and wood product manufacturing (including paper);

Examples of Regulated Activities

BCAA Regulation 1 has two sections of interest to sources. Article 9 outlines the engineering program and expectations from sources and Article 10.05 outlines appropriate fees.

  • Outdoor Burning
  • Solid Fuel Burning Device: Woodstoves and Fireplaces
  • Demolition/Wrecking, Razing: Asbestos
  • Land Clearing/Improvement
  • Renovation: Asbestos
  • Construction-related activities Dust Control Information