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Pollution Prevention

Adopting pollution prevention practices and techniques often benefits industry by lowering a company’s operational and environmental compliance costs. By preventing the generation of waste, P2 can also reduce or eliminate long-term liabilities and clean-up costs. Furthermore, disposal costs are reduced when the volume of waste is decreased. This can also lead to a reduction in workplace exposures to hazardous materials which can affect workers’ health and hence, their productivity. If less waste is produced, there will also be a diminshed need for on-site storage space. By preventing pollution there will be a greater likelihood that a company will be in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Finally, as community pillars, businesses shoulder an important responsibility for protecting the environment and natural resources for their own good as well as that of society.

Ecology’s Web Page on Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention Success Stories

Many companies have reduced their use of hazardous substances, cut waste, water and energy use, and saved money in the process. Read their stories or submit a P2 success story through Ecology’s program!

Waste Not Washington School Awards
Yearly award honoring schools that have shown outstanding leadership in preventing pollution and moving toward sustainability.

Free engineering assistance from the TREE team can improve your business’ efficiency, make less waste, and save money.

P2 Tools The Toolkit includes strategy development ideas, an opportunity list, vendor links, and other tools to help facilities gain better process control, reduce water use, produce less waste, and improve compliance.