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New EPA regulations for Paint Stripping, and Miscellaneous Painting Operations, including Autobody Refinishing Operations * 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart HHHHHH* June 2009

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has new requirements to reduce air pollution of metals such as chrome, lead, cadmium, manganese and nickel compounds, and also to reduce methylene chloride fumes, from paint stripping and spray painting operations, including autobody painting operations. These compounds pose health risks to anyone who breathes the air when these fumes are present. Many paints and materials used in painting and paint stripping operations contain these compounds. The new regulations require painting and paint stripping businesses to do several things to reduce emissions of these compounds. 

  1. Click here: BCAA Fact Sheet on the Paint Stripping and Misc. Surface Coating Operation Regulation.
  2. Click here: EPA Brochure Autobody Refinishing Operation Requirements
  3. Click here: EPA Summary Fact Sheet on Miscellaneous Operation Requirements
  4. Click here: initial notification form BCAA

EPA has a website with training on it, include a training video starring NASCAR driver Jeff Cordon, and featuring testimonies from large and small shop owners which includes:

  • Paint Strip Rule
  • Best practices
  • Saving money
  • Worker protection
  • Outreach resources

Here’s the link, the video is at the top of the page under “Current Training”

For more information about the rule, visit EPA’s webpage:

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