Burning brush outdoors

Today’s Burn Decision

Residential: No Burn Day

Due to high fire danger, outdoor burning is not allowed today in Benton County. Countywide, this restriction includes the normally exempted burning of windblown tumbleweeds. There are no restrictions for burning in fireplaces, woodstoves, BBQs or campfires.

Residential Burn Line: 509-783-6198

Agricultural: No Burn Day

Due to forcasted poor air dispersion, agricultural burning is not allowed today in Benton County.

For burning limited to orchard pruning’s, tumbleweeds, or other vegetation along fence lines, irrigation canals or drainage ditches, no permit is required and burning hours are not restricted. You must inform the Benton Clean Air Agency and your local fire department if you intend to burn for agricultural purposes.

Agricultural Burn Line: 509-783-6570

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Please enter your address to determine whether you are in an urban growth area of Benton County. This determines whether or not you may burn at your location on residential burn days.