Benton Clean Air Agency

Agricultural Burning Permits and Forms

Most commercial burning of agricultural fields or for agricultural purposes requires a permit from the BCAA.

Agricultural Permit is required for ..

  • Orchard or vineyard takeout
  • Vineyard prunings
  • Disease or weed control
  • Residue removal
  • Research/demonstration project
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) or renovation purposes
  • “Flaming” of hop roots

Agricultural Permit is not required* for ..

  • Orchard prunings
  • Natural vegetation along fencelines, irrigation canals, or drainage ditches.
  • Tumbleweeds

*NOTE: Conversion of agricultural property to commercial or residential use, such as removal of an orchard to put in a housing development is not considered agricultural burning and is not allowed with an agricultural burn permit.

Regardless of whether the agricultural burn requires a permit, you must contact your local fire department and inform them prior to burning.

Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Agricultural burning is allowed when it is reasonably necessary to carry out the enterprise. A farmer can show burning is reasonably necessary when it meets the criteria of the BMPs and no practical alternative exists. BMPs are one of the ways to demonstrate the need to burn. Growers not using BMPs must establish that their proposed burn is reasonably necessary and that no practical alternative is available. The burden of proof is on the grower, and the demonstration must satisfy the Department of Ecology and the local delegated permitting authority, if there is a local permitting authority.

Current BMP Information:

  • Agricultural Burning Best Management Practices – click here

Permit Applications

Before an agricultural burn permit is issued, an application must be submitted and processed. You will need both the permit application and a copy of one of the Best Management Guidelines documents:

The following steps describe the application procedure:

  • Fill out the application. Be specific and COMPLETE. Refer to the Best Management Practices Guidance document as necessary. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Calculate the total acres/tons and fee In the space provided, write the number of acres/tons from each of the proposed burns. Add together the acres/tons of each proposed burn, this is the number of acres/tons proposed.
  • Make checks payable to BCAA. Please do not send cash.
  • Sign and date the applicant statement portion.
  • Send the application and check for the permit fee to:

Benton Clean Air Agency
526 S. Steptoe St.
Kennewick, WA 99336

Receiving Your Permit

The BCAA will act on a complete application within seven (7) days and either send to you a permit or written reason why the application has been denied. If an incomplete application is submitted, it will be returned along with the fee.

Agricultural Burning Regulations

There are three sources of agricultural burning regulations which pertain to the residents of Benton County: