Burning brush outdoors


Burning Overview

Burning, whether done indoors for heat or outdoors for recreation, creates unhealthful air pollution. Before burning, you need to know if burning is allowed and under what circumstances. By following the rules, you will keep smoke emissions to a minimum and avoid a potentially costly fine.

Burn-Decision-Map Benton County

Fire Protection Districts

BCFD #1 – Benton County East509-588-3212
BCFD #1 – Finley509-734-9100
BCFD #2 – Benton City509-588-3212
BCFD #3 – Prosser509-786-3873
BCFD #4 – West Richland509-967-2945
BCFD #5 – Benton County West509-786-1723
BCFD #5 – Prosser (South)509-786-1723
BCFD #6 – Patterson509-875-2029
Kennewick Fire Department509-585-4230
Richland Fire Department509-942-7550
Old wood stove

Recycle Your Uncertified Woodstove and Receive $400

In a bid to promote cleaner air and healthier living environments, Benton County residents now have an opportunity to upgrade their old solid fuel burning devices.