Benton Clean Air Agency

Air Quality

This data is reported directly from the WA Department of Ecology's website. Due to high traffic, the website availability is intermittent.

Dust (PM10) & Smoke (PM2.5)

Ozone (03)

Quick Links

During this time of high useage, the dials on the left have not been loading from Ecology's website.  The Washington Smoke Information site has been loading best (update 9/6/2017) pulling data from EPA's AirNow.  The color scale is a little different between WAQA (Ecology) and AirNow (EPA). WAQA is a little more conservative. 

Statewide Air Monitoring Network - Ecology's monitors, the color codes indicate the air quality at each monitor

Washington Air Quality Advisory (WAQA)  - Provides guidance based on the air quality advisory level shown to the left

Washington Smoke Information  - County, state, and federal agencies provide information for Washington communities affected by smoke from wildland fires (includes links in Spanish) updated August 2017

Understanding Burn Bans - A video that explains the different types of burn bans and why they are important

Emergency Alerts - Sign up to receive emergency weather alerts