Benton Clean Air Agency

Urban Growth Area Information

The applicable open burning regulations depend upon where the property is located with respect to the “Urban Growth Area”, or UGA. The urban growth area (UGA) is defined by a line that the incorporated cities (Richland, Kennewick, West Richland, Benton City, and Prosser) expect to grow into during the next 20 years. The UGA includes all the city limits, the “islands” of County within the cities, and some parts of County land immediately adjacent to the city limits. Those properties that lie inside of this boundary have different burning rules than those properties lying outside the boundary. If you are unsure as to whether you are inside or outside the UGA, you can search your address here.

You may also call the Benton County Planning Department at 736-3086 (Tri-Cities) or 786-5612 (Prosser), or contact our office at 783-1304.